Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Appropriation or Oppression

I'm surely doing one or the other by posting more God is my Co-Pilot

Let the shenanigans commence:

On a Wing and a Prayer (1992)

Keeping with the WWII theme of their moniker comes this little Ep named after a 1943 hit for Anne Shelton in the US. It also has a song on in called "I Hate my Friends" which could be an excellent companion piece with the Lemonheads shining pre-"Shame About Ray" moment  "Hate Your Friends"

 Life is like that.

Illusion of Secrecy (1993)

Things get a bit more cryptic, but no less intriguing.
I won't try and make sense of it.
I'm just here for the beat.

Friday, July 21, 2017

And Now for Something Completely Different

After the wholesome pop of the last post we come to a few posts of  else entirely.

Strap into your strap-on and let's get humping

Songs of Praise (1991)

Queercore Avant No Wave band from New York City.

The band's lyrics frequently address sexuality and gender. The band states, in their song, "We Signify, "...We're co-opting rock, the language of sexism, to address gender identity on its own terms of complexity...."

The sort of band that would have given Tumblr a massive collective sploosh if Tumblr had existed in the early 90's.

Gender is as Gender Does (1992)

They named themselves oddly enough after a film about a white cis het male perpetuating the oppression of people of color through violence during the 40's. There's also probably something about the Patriarchy and the evils of organized religion there as well, but I'm not going to put words into anybody's mouths.

Anyway Godco co-opts all that shit and turns it into "catchy" short songs of empowerment or something which even as a cis het white American male and thus the very embodiment of all that is evil and wrong with the world, I can enjoy as cultural appropriation or something else very bad.

I ruin everything.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Glimmer, Glimmer

It's late in the afternoon and I just got up pretty recently. I need another cup of espresso and possibly a shower. You know, the usual.

Glo-Worm (1994)

This band that called themselves Glo-Worm, conceivably after the Johnny Mercer tune made famous by the Mills Brothers. They released three Eps in their short existence. This post is two of them.

The various people in this band were in other bands and formed other bands after. You can investigate that yourself.  The singer is Pam Berry, who if you've been following along at home was previously in Black Tambourine as heard in Post #50

It's dreamy reverby pop. A cover on each. Very sweet and something that you could play for your grandmother and she wouldn't be too upset about, but would still go on about how the music of her generation was the better, you have no idea, such heady times they were and how awful today's culture is until you just stopped listening and went back to playing Candy Crush on your phone and nodding occasionally while you hum along.

I'm going to make more coffee now and stare out the window for a while until I feel like doing anything. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Better Than You Might Imagine

Hits and Myths '83 (1983)

A fine collection of various of the New Wave bands of New Zealand near the beginning of that dark time known as the 80's. You can almost smell the cigarettes and Aquanet in every track. The Exponents track is the standout, but you can't have enough Swingers tracks hanging around.

  • A1 Hello Sailor - The Boys in Brazil (Live)
  • A2 DD Smash - The Devil You Know
  • A3 Pop Mechanix - Jumping Out a Window
  • A4 Citizen Band - Rust in My Car
  • A5 The Crocodiles - Tears
  • A6 Blam Blam Blam - Learning to Like Ourselves Again
  • A7 Hip Singles - After the Party
  • B1 The Exponents - Victoria
  • B2 Dave Dobbyn - Lipstick Power
  • B3 Zoo - Texas
  • B4 Screaming Meemees - Days of Heaven
  • B5 I Am Joe's Music - The Way You Get Your Way
  • B6 Swingers - Punch'n'Judy
  • B7 The Narcs - No Turning Back

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Waiting for some new singles to arrive

I've got to go to work soon.
I also checked the mail and the other package of singles I ordered still haven't come today.
The first one came yesterday and I ordered them at the same time.
This annoys me slightly, but it will hopefully be worth it.
In the meantime....

Gleaming Spires (1981)

You may think of Posh Boy records as primarily a "punk rock" label, if you think about it at all. (Most people don't. People have weird priorities some times) But into that stable came the Gleaming Spires with their synths. Apparently they played in some kind of incarnation of the band Sparks which is a band who made a million records but for whom I've never actually seem to have known anybody who was a fan.

Anyway. Here they are.

Go to Blazes (1992)

Meanwhile. Go to Blazes. They get me.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Linked by general geography

More or less, give or take etc...

Food For Worms (1981)

These guys were from Baltimore which goes a long way to explaining why their record label is Balto Weird Records. There's a farfisa. Some minor chords and a garagey nu-wave vibe. They don't want to be president. I don't blame them. It would really cut down on how much golf you could play. (At least for legitimate ones anyway.)

Eggs (1993)

These guys were from the DC area and on Teenbeat records.
That is all.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Where'd That Other Single Go

This is a place marker for some Coctails singles.

(ed. It has since been filled)

Still probably better than the Wiggles for those who choose to reproduce.

Sometime in the early 90's at the tail end of the Lounge revival hipsters everywhere discovered the work of Raymond Scott
Most were already familiar with the two songs on this particular single because they had been cribbed by Carl Stalling for numerous Warner Brothers cartoons.

So this is early 90's hipsters covering what's hot in hipster circles in the early 90's.

And thus the circlejerk of life went on.

This is the Coctails backing a T. Lance and making a garagey racket. This makes sense to me.