Friday, July 29, 2016

I learned something new with this post.

I do approximately five minutes or so of research sometimes before I post. Mostly because I want to be sure any information I post is correct and if I feel like throwing a link or two into the mix or the complete fuck of it, even if it's only some half-assed Wiki piece of crap like I end up doing most times.

Invisibility (1981)

So this band, Eyeless in Gaza, were named from a novel by Aldous Huxley (who also wrote the "The Doors of Perception" from whence that awful Jim Morrison group got their name) but the thing that I learned was that Martyn Bates who along with Peter Becker would become Eyeless in Gaza had previously been in a band called Reluctant Stereotypes who put out a few singles and an Lp. I've got the first single and it's somewhere deep in the list for here should I still somehow retain the interest and wherewithal to keep this shit going in however many years it takes to get that far.
Small world.

Here I am typing nothing at all in particular because I feel like there should be text underneath the pictures for the sake of aesthetic appeal. I may or may not be right about that.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Continung Logically

More Essential Logic

Eugene (1980)

Fanfare in the Garden (1981)

Continuing from last post. Look at that one for more info and links or look it up yourself. I'm not your google monkey.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Highly Logical

Essential Logic were the brainchild of saxophonist Lora Logic who had previously spent a year in X-Ray Spex before being spontaneously shitcanned before they recorded their first (and only) Lp because she was getting more attention than Poly Styrene.

Aerosol Burns (1978)

So she goes to art school for photography and ends up forming another band as the kids are wont to do. This band precedes to pump out 6 singles (I've currently got 4) and an lp before disbanding.

Music is a Better Noise (1980)

She joins up briefly with Mayo Thompson to play as part of an 80's incarnation of the Red Krayola and somewhere along the line becomes a Hare Krshna.

But the music remains. In '03 Kill Rock Stars put out a retrospective comp called Fanfare in the Garden. You should probably get that.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

So I was doing 12" vinyl for a bit

I was kind of caught up with where I wanted to be with the singles thing and was a few months ahead of myself in terms of posts in the queue, so I went ahead and pounded out an array of long players for myself.

Among them was this 12" slice of psychedelic weirdness and wonder by Ant-Bee which is the musical pseudonym of one Billy James, producer, author, musician etc...

It's an odd duck. I heard nothing even remotely like it until the Olivia Tremor Control came around to kickstart my brain and begin the Elephant 6 obsession that would plague me for years. But this. This eluded me. I'm still not completely sure what to make of it. It's music. It's psychedelic. It's very strange, but then not so strange. Strange enough. There are apparently former members of the Mothers of Invention involved as well as the Magic Band. If that means anything to you, then you may want to have a listen under a black light.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Not really Hawaiian

Yeah, so another 12" ep kind of day.

I've seen this around for years. I've kind of avoided it. I remember that when I worked at a sandwich shop in Kenmore Square back in the early  80's and we got to make our own mix tapes to play while we worked, Greg put "Baby Judy" on one of his and it got played a bunch. 

And ever since the "Up up, Baby Judy" part from it has been one of those terrible things that bounces around my brain on occasion much to my own horror. Relentless and ever present. So I kind of ran from this thing. Eventually enough time passed and I found a cheap enough copy and the courage to try and exorcise this demon from my skull by some other method than trepannation. All the songs are the first side and then they get turned again into some kind of unholy medley in the "Baby Judy Extended Mix" that comprises side two. You don't need to listen to that. 

But now I'm somewhat free and now I bestow the curse of "Baby Judy" upon your skull. Good fucking luck with that.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Compilation again.

The Last It Had To Be You 2:50
Jane Bond & The Undercovermen The Spy Movie 3:30
The Long Ryders Still Get By 2:50
Bangles NO MAG Commercial 0:36
Choir Invisible Hands Of Another 3:47
The Three O'Clock All In Good Time 2:18
Rain Parade Saturday Asylum 3:24
The Spoiler Project Made Of Stone 2:35
Minutemen I Felt Like A Gringo 2:03
Savage Republic Mobilization 3:17
Alisa And The Nomads Living Underground 2:39
Michael James She Said Yes 2:57
Wednesday Week I Hate Lying To Mom 1:53
100 Flowers The Long Arm Of The Social Sciences 3:13
Würm Modern Man 2:24
Action Now       I Want You 2:47
Harvey Kubernik's Attention Getting Device Noh Comment                                        1:44

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Harvard Bing Bongs

I'm not sure where I got this really. I just have it and it's recent in the pile.

It's a 12" ep. From a sole contemporary review I could find in an online archive of the Harvard Crimson this band was apparently from Boston and featured a couple of Harvard students among its members. Whatever. I'd never heard of them. There's a certain amount of novelty value in what they were doing. Maybe that's why they never registered. I mean, it's going to be hard to taken seriously with something like the "Chicken Song", but they are redeemed by a really odd and dark new wave deconstruction of  the Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive". Let that be your guide as to its worthiness of a listen.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lost then Found

I found a single that I wasn't aware I'd misplaced.

For whatever reason this had gotten itself stuck in a weird pile of terrible Polish new wave crap that I'd gotten in a package deal with a couple of singles that I actually wanted from eBay. I'm not sure how that happened. It just did and there it was. So here's Nebraska.

It's some really sweet Power Pop shit that probably got them laid a lot back in the day in Lincoln, Nebraska. They deserved it. This is good shit.

Europeans (1978)

A year later to just as little interest to the world in general Europeans released their namesake single "Europeans" which is a nifty little toe tapper with some expensive sounding synthesizer styles and a song that they had such hopes for that they rerecorded it for their only other single on a different label. It apparently didn't do much to lift their profile. They broke up shortly after.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Balloons & Emotional Cripples

So I went on a vacation in January. I had a layover in Seattle. I have a friend there I haven't seen in many many years. I met him for a quick drink at the airport. I missed my connecting flight. Shit happens. So I got an unexpected day to spend in Seattle. When I woke up hungover the next day I did what I do best, I went record shopping until it was time to go to the airport. I found this

They were apparently from Silver Spring, MD. There's precious little to be found on the internet. No Youtube videos. It's some quirky shit with an electric violin and probably more than a little bit of Zappa influence, but more New Wave. The songs are "Tuna Tonite" & "Assassination Candidate"

I just appreciated that sometime in the last few decades somebody took the time to draw some boobs on the cover girl.


Looking back I posted the other Delphobics single on February 9. This is their other one. The A-side is "Emotional Cripple".  I can relate.