Friday, May 29, 2020

I guess We Already Crossed Oklahoma off the list.

I got excited for a second until I realized we already did an Oklahoma band.

Oh well, this is just Okie gravy...

Be a Zombie (1981)

Los Reactors, Tulsa, OK

The best punk rock band from Tulsa ever.

Big Picture EP (1980)

Last Four (4) Digits, Indianapolis, IN

There's a song called "Coughing Up Blood"
You'll like this one.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Y'all Need More 90s Indiepop in Your Life

It's like its own special kind of musical vitamin.
I don't want you to be deficient.
Builds strong mental immune systems or something.

I don't know, I'm a record collector, not a doctor.

Louise Brooks (1991)

The Legendary Bang were from Germany and named this seven inch after a 20's film star famous for her bobbed haircut and being seriously incredibly easy on the eyes in a manner that transcends nearly a century. I mean, look

These were Miss America contestants from 1921

This was Louise Brooks in 1924
I rest my case.

 The Legendary Bang provide listeners with lovely jangly primitive pop songs in the same vein as the Bartlebees but with the added pleasure of some female vocals to break up the sonic sausage fest.

They also aren't afraid to kick out the proverbial jams with some extra fast strummy action.

This gives me a warm fuzzy.

Cool Jets Baby (1996)

First release on Kindercore by the band of the founders of the label, Ryan Lewis and Daniel Geller. A few years ago I posted their split single with Wolfie that came with the Kindercore Record of the Month from 2000.

This is more of that kind of stuff.

Just download it already.
You know you want to...


Thursday, May 21, 2020

1982 L.A.

It's the LA garage rock from the year 1982.

Dig it.

Up in the Air (1982)

I've had this since probably 1982. Bought it for a dollar out of a cutout bin.

I've kept it ever since, but never got around to buying anything else by the Last.

Let that be your guide.

Bringing Down the House (1982)

I haven't had this one nearly as long as the other one, but I have probably played it quite a few times more over the years but didn't pick up anything else by the Leaving Trains either.

Vitus Matare from the Last produced this one.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Something to do.

I was listening to/digitizing some new arrivals and thinking about next big things I want to post from recent obsessions.
I ended up quarantining a large list of MN cds from the 90's into their very own folder in the SSC folder titled "MN Rocks" with the intent that in some future time I will spend a few months running down a long list of the local stuff that nobody outside of the Twin Cities Metro ever really heard. Still a few holes I need to plug to make it be what I want so who knows when it will happen.

I'll probably end up running with a Duke Ellington radio bootleg bonanza before that.

Or I'll just continue to peck away with the things that are still clogging up the SSC works waiting for their day in the spotlight.

Speaking of which..

Liquorice (1995)

Discogs sez:

" US indie 'supergroup' Liquorice featured Jenny Toomey (Tsunami (6), Grenadine), Dan Littleton (The Hated, Ida (3)) and Trey Many (His Name Is Alive). Jenny and Dan were close friends and had been playing music together sporadically for the several years. However, commitments to their main bands made collaboration increasingly difficult. In 1995, Ivo invited Jenny to make a one-off solo album for 4AD. She worked with Dan on the demos and Liquorice was born...

I tend to believe them. They seem like they know what they're talking about.

Bad September (1990)

On the other side of the globe and five years previous the Kryptonics from Perth, Australia released their final blurt into the world. Notable for a couple of fine original hard and fast Aussie punk pop and a reasonable cover of the oft covered "Another Girl, Another Planet" by the Only Ones.
It's not the sort of thing you might seek out for itself, but one that you find coming across your random play and nodding along with while you're driving.

Maybe you ought to go on a road trip.

This is not a suggestion.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A Small Variety Assortment

I need to get some shit done.

Here's some sweet prime 7 inch Indiepop compilations.

You may need these.

 Crayola Catastrophy (2001)

A1 Tugboat Fantastic! I'll Stick With You
A2 The Casino Ashtrays Gilded
B1 The Summer In Between Simple & True
B2 The National Splits Your David Starship

Since buying this on a whim I've been slowly acquiring every release on the Kittridge Records label. I haven't been disappointed in anything but the purposeful misspelling of "catastrophe" on this record.
It offends my sensibilities.

Kissing Book/Cherry Ice Cream Smile split (1998)

A1 Kissing Book Teen Club
A2 Kissing Book Just Another Pop Song
B1 Cherry Ice Cream Smile Squeaky Clean
B2 Cherry Ice Cream Smile Amelia Earhart    

One of the hallmarks of mid to late 90's indiepop bedroom label releases besides the low quality of the vinyl and mastering, was choking the sleeve with massive amounts of bits of paper all kinds of haphazardly cut with scissors.

Whole forests were decimated for this.

This one compounds the immense clutter by including a wooden ice cream spoon with the band's name emblazoned on it like we were sitting here forever  with a nice Italian Ice and no eating implement just about ready to dig into it with our fingers out of sheer desperation before buying this single and the day being saved.

I want nice primitive pop songs, not junk that I feel compelled to keep with the rest of the overstuffed package because that's how it came and I have a pathological need for the intactness of things.

Fortunately I got those too.

Bonus material!

Milky Way No. 1 (1991)

A1 HoneyBunch Nothing But Trouble
A2 Small Factory The Giant Merry-Go-Round
A3 The Bachelor Pad Sunshower Sun

I thought I'd already done this one a long while back when I did all the Honeybunch singles. Apparently not. So here you go.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Just Because

I really don't know what I'm supposed to make of this record.

So I made this post.

It's early 80s weirdness from San Francisco which is a weirdness quite unique to the Bay Area and replicated nowhere else.
Even without already knowing where they were from I'd have picked San Francisco.
It be like that sometimes.

I don't know. There was a space of a couple weeks in the middle of this post because I'd made a severe editing error in the files that I needed to fix and it took me that long to gather enough fucks to do that. In the meantime I lost whatever train of thought I had when originally started banging out this post.

It's almost kind of appropriate to what this record is like.

For External Use Only

Friday, May 8, 2020


Hey here we go.

Get out your pens.

A Kiss in the Dark (1966)

the Keymen with their Teleguitars were as near as I can figure with minimal effort on my part from Los Cruces, NM.

Add it to your scorecard now.

The upbeat flip "One Love (If It's True)" is the winner, but there sure is some fine whistling on the a-side.

Determination (1966)

the Kitchen Cinq.

Amarillo, TX

Lots of fuzz

Produced by the legendary for various reasons not all of them flattering, Lee Hazelwood.

I had the Lp, but I believe I ended up selling it. or it's in a box in the closet. Either way, this is what I got for you. Make do.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Back to the 60s Garage

I just want to toss something on the stack while I'm still in the mood

Midnight Hour (1966)

Kit & the Outlaws. Dallas, TX
The flip of this fuzzed out Wilson Pickett cover is the much comped "Don't Tread on Me"

You're welcome.

Not at All (1968)

This is of interest to anyone who's interested in the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

It's the Jerms, a California group who put out a number of singles but this one is on Shana records and produced by the WCPAEB's own Shaun Harris.

Does that make it a great single?

Not as such, but it does make it a bit more interesting to me anyway.

So there's that.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Still Local-ish and for Completions

I got nothing.
Not exactly my favorites, but needed to hit some blank spots in discographies that I'm working on.

Happy Ain't Coming Home (1992)

The acoustic pop on Bus Stop from the Leatherwoods.

Discogs says they originated in Lawrence, KS and subsequently moved to Minneapolis.

I'll accept them as from around here.

It's one of my less favorite of the Bus Stop singles but it fills a spot.
The sort of stuff that would absolutely kill at an open mic night.

They eventually made a full Lp on which Paul Westerberg played under a pseudonym.
You can use that as some sort of a recommendation if you will.

I Want to Function with You (1980)

Magnetic Head Cleaners.

More outright weirdness from your friends at Break'er Records.

It just is.