Monday, June 26, 2017

I Relented and Reordered All my Shit

Because you really can't have enough singing saw and banjo in your life...

The Devil Made Her Do It (1994)

Yeah, 1994. Dame Darcy was the It Girl for the year that had all the record store clerks in a tizzy.

Here are the other two examples of her oeuvre in the realm of seven inch vinyl for this banner year.

Mexican Crawling Poppy Seed (1994)

It made sense then and it makes maybe even less sense today.

Catch the zeitgeist of the early 90's and ride the wave of low fidelity into the heart of whatever trip this takes you on. Bring a friend though. I wouldn't recommend it on your own.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another "Wait, I Didn't already post the previous singles" post

So here's another incidence where I thought I'd already posted some Coctails and the other two Dame Darcy singles I've got and was looking back so I could link to the previous posts and bring some closure to the world, only to discover I hadn't done anything of the sort.

Tardvark (1994)

It's Dame Darcy. It's the Coctails

The songs were recorded in a barn or something in a single day. Your enjoyment may vary depending on your tolerance level for singing saws and weirdness. I'm Ok with it personally.

( Now I have to figure out if I really need to cram those other singles into the queue...)

Because the other thing I had for this was this

the Cowboys (1981)

From Seattle WA.

So "Rude Boy" is that faux ska that one might expect. But the flip "She Makes Me Feel Small" is the power pop song you should pay closer attention to. It's not going to change your world, but it's better than getting a pencil lead jammed into your forehead. Trust me.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Definitely Not Art

So I remember seeing this a whole lot when I first moved out here.

Boy Elroy (1983)

Let's face it the cover is terrible. The band name is pretty terrible too.

Consider the back cover too. I mean, that attempted mustache alone....

That's not Art Direction so much as self sabotage.

However the actual record itself is great. No really. It is.

 A Twin Cities band that could have easily played with either of the two Minneapolis bands that aren't Prince you're thinking of when I said "Twin Cities"

Vintage squirrelly high school punk rock that doesn't really give a shit (see aforementioned mustache).  Absolutely a lost classic that somebody needs to revive.

I'm not even kidding.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

See you on the Flipside

Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Volume 1 (1984)

A1 The Dickies - Gigantor (Live Cleveland Agoura) 2:23
A2 Government Issue - Religious Ripoff 1:07
A3 The Freeze - No One Is Ever Coming Home 1:22
A4 White Flag - Question Of Intelligence 2:35
A5 Kraut - Flossing With An E String 1:40
A6 F - Attack 2:50
A7 Plain Wrap - Meat Between The Treads 0:08
A8 Flag Of Democracy - Madhouse 1:45
A9 T.S.O.L. - Suppose They Gave A War... 3:38
A10 Adrenalin O.D. - Me Three Bunch
B1 Scream - Fight 1:33
B2 The Undead - In Eighty Four
B3 FU's - Warlords (Live On WERS FM Boston) 2:30
B4 Black Market Baby - Total Waste 2:48
B5 Psycho - Master Race 1:17
B6 Gay Cowboys In Bondage - Domestic Battlefield 2:44
B7 Borscht - Suburbia 1:34
B8 Anti-Scunti Faction - Big Women 2:35
B9 G.B.H. - Give Me Fire (Live At Perkins Palace, Pasadena) 3:15

Saturday, June 10, 2017


So now it's a number of months since the previous post.

There's been laughter and tears and I did the thing that is the driving force behind this exercise. I digitized a fuck load of records. I made them into 320k mp3s, tagged them appropriately , scanned sleeves and generally organized things in my own peculiar, but anal retentive way. It was fabulous.

All of which is meaningless to you, dear reader, because time doesn't exist for you in the same way on the intertubes. There are no gaps. There is only now and a continuous stream of the eternal Now-ness of this rambling piss stream of forgotten music.

Meanwhile, I'm beginning afresh with a newly minted stack of things penciled in to slide out uncontrollably like so many half squelched farts in a crowded elevator. They're currently set to silently but deadly the blogosphere until the end of next February.

Or at least will as soon as I type this shit out which will take for-fucking-ever if I keep babbling.

Let us begin in earnest:

Angel & the Reruns (1983)

Yeah, a couple of Nu-Wave musical tributes to those ancient TV shows that played in endless syndication during one's formative years as a young child. (Well, for me perhaps. I'm old as fuck.)
Bring on the camp of Angel and the Reruns

One side about Leave It To Beaver about as white bread a sitcom as the 50's ever churned out and the other side a sad tribute to the late Anissa Jones former clean cut child star of the innocuous Family Affair sitcom. It was a sad tale.

But if you're Angel and the Reruns, you can certainly count yourself as a music biz success if you managed to get one of your songs onto the soundtrack of a Tom Hanks movie.

Even if it's the one where his costars are Tawny Kitaen, best known for writhing on a car hood in that Whitesnake video and Adrian Zmed, best known for his starring roles in TJ Hooker with William Shatner and his unforgettable turn in the internationally acclaimed "Grease 2".

It was still a fucking Tom Hanks movie, dammit.

Another Pretty Face. Another fucking single. Here's the second one to go with the one I posted like two years ago. You're welcome.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Last post of this batch

I've been working on posts all fucking day.

I lost count. It's over a dozen anyway

I've been trying hard to finish up this batch of stuff so I can start digitizing new stuff because I kind of would rather be listening to music than typing about it.
But one drives the other and at this pace I'm rapidly closing in on a point where I'm queuing up posts a full year in advance of when they will appear.
That's kind of scary and daunting.

Here's the Gizmos

Never Mind the Sex Pistols (1978)

It's the Gizmos 2.0. from Bloomington, IN.
The Dale Lawrence version.
This is the revamped incarnation's first record on Gulcher.
I like it.

That is all.

Get Smart Live (1984)

From Lawrence, Kansas.

(You can check Kansas off your fifty states scorecard now)

This is Get Smart! live at CBGB's.

Doo dah Doo dah Day.

Friday, June 2, 2017


the Girls again.

Reunion (1986)

From Boston. They existed from 1976 to around 1980. By reports of a guy who knew them and I was in a band with in the mid-80's, by the end of their run they all hated one another and were wont to have frequent fights onstage. But that same mutual loathing fueled some really amazing live performances.

I don't know. I wasn't there. It's all hearsay to me.

However in 1986 and for many years after this little compilation was all there was to go on besides the previously posted single. It was called "Reunion" and consists of a bunch of previously recorded numbers from when the band actually existed. They were like that.

As it stands. It's definitely damaged arty synth punk shit or whatever micro genre you want to pigeonhole it into. It's tough. It can take it.

Your mom will hate it.
Your college roommate would probably hate it. (unless he likes it, then you probably hate it.)
You might hate it too, but can't stop eating it like a big bowl of candy corn that's sitting in front of you.

Listen to it anyway.
While it's still legal to do so.