Wednesday, April 28, 2021

I Don't Know What to do with Splits pt 4

It's still that same night about a year ago.

I can smell that chicken and it's making me very hungry.

Rose Melberg/Magpies (1994)

A flexi on "I Wish I Was A Slumberland Record"

Rose Melberg's musical resume speaks volumes.
Here she tackles the Sam Cooke classic.

Meanwhile the mysterious Magpies take a stab at a Temptations song.

Superlove vs. Teen Anthems (1997)

A couple of soccer/football songs for you from Superlove and Teen Anthems that I'm too distracted and hungry to hunt down links for.
So there's that.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

I Don't Know What to Do With Splits Pt 3.

More Splits

This is a pair of Flexis.

Adjust sonic expectations accordingly.

Choo Choo Train/ Eye Pilgrims (1989)

Choo Choo Train. Ric Menck & Paul Chastain pre-Velvet Crush.

Eye Pilgrims were from Hartlepool, UK and only existed on various compilations which is a bit of shame. I like their contribution here.

Spinning Jennys/the Fat Tulips (1990)

I have no idea where precisely Spinning Jennys were from. (I went with Bristol since that's where the label that put out their sole single was based.) It's unfortunate because their song here is fucking great. A masterwork of the genre. Kudos to them.

The Fat Tulips hailed from Peterborough. They put out a bunch of seven inches but only managed a singular full length in their career. Several of those releases were on Sunday Records. You know what you're getting into with that.

That said. Probably not my favorite song of theirs that I've heard so far.

Play the other one.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I Don't Know What to Do with Splits pt 2

[brief rant removed]

Castaway Stones/Dearly (1998)

Castaway Stones were from Washington DC and one of the hundreds of really great bands that involved Pam Berry (Black Tambourine).
Add it to the list.

Dearly were from Minneapolis. That's about all I know. Maybe it's all I need to.

Test Pilot Meets Origami (2000)

Another fine release on Kittridge.

About a year ago I tracked down the dude who ran the label and completed the label discography. He also sent me a Cdr of the unreleased Going Stagg cd (he played guitar in the that band) which is fucking wonderful stuff that at some point blah blah blah...

Which is kind of besides the point of this single, but information is very slim about the origins of both of these bands. This being the only vinyl appearance for both. (though Test Pilot did release a number of cassettes)

Two more contenders for the Indiepop compilation...

I scanned the insert.

Friday, April 16, 2021

I Don't Know What To Do With Splits

I'm roasting a chicken stuffed with onion, apples and sage.
I'm going to throw the remaining apples and onions that wouldn't fit along with beets around the chicken to roast with it and in the juice in a little bit.

I've got potatoes ready to go as well.

A nice rounded meal.

But in the meantime, I have a little time to kill.
I also realized that there were a number of split singles & flexi discs clogging up the epic SSC folder that I wasn't sure what to do with.
I'd vaguely considered using them for Compilation Days, but also realized I had a fuckload of compilations so that it would be unnecessary.

So I'm just going to post them over the next several posts and have fucking done with it.

Here we go....

 Mates of State/Fighter D (1999)

Mates of State have moved around a lot, but were based in San Francisco at this time according to the address. I saw them sometime in the late 90's at the 400 Bar touring with Apples in Stereo if memory serves.

Fighter D seems to have been from Oakland.

Orange Cake Mix/Füxa (1997)

Orange Cake Mix is Jim Rao and all who sail with him.

 Füxa were from Detroit, Mi

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

I Still Haven't Completely Drained this Well

Compilation Day.

Try not to act surprised when I tell you there's a Boyracer track on it.

Indie Rock of the latter part of the 90s in one convenient package that included a magazine.
NOS for the win.

1 Retriever - Evil K
2 The Great Brain - F.K.A. Taxidermist
3 Transitional - Structural Functionalism
4 Danger G-20 - New Year's Day
5 Vehicle Flips - Expendable You
6 Kublai Khan - Nebuchadnezzar
7 Cole - Recidivism
8 Tullycraft - They're Not Trying on the Dancefloor
9 Bunnygrunt -  Meatblower!
10 Strictly Ballroom - Escape Plan #4
11 Lullaby for the Working Class - The Wounded Spider (Live at KCRW)
12 Lustre King -  Flame Job (Live at Lounge Ax)
13 June of 44 - Sanctioned in a Birdcage (Live at the Crocodile)
14 Sweep the Leg Johnny - Welter
15 Cars Get Crushed - Aural Fixation:Mode 2 (Live at WMUC)
16 The Raymond Brake - Threnody
17 Boyracer - Yr Questions Unanswered

Monday, April 12, 2021

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Mysteries for the Mists of Obscurity.

Or something like that.

I actually had to do some internet sleuthing for this one.

And in the end you have to wonder if it was worth it.

I suppose. It's some useless facts that can roll around in your head when you listen.

So there's that, I suppose.

 Indicate Your Love (1981)

Sensible Shoes. This one was from L.A.

There is fuck all for information about this particular band anywhere on the sleeve. Just a few names and a date on the back.

I found something anyway.

It's trivial but puts some kind of context on it, I suppose.

 The singer on this little seven inch of New Wave Pop is David Baerwald who would achieve a decent paycheck briefly in the middle of the 80's as part of  David & David when they had a Top 100 release with a major contender for all-time most 80's production sound "Welcome to the Boomtown"

Not exactly my cup of poison, but hey, they hopefully got paid for it.
So there's that.
I doubt that DB saw any sort of money out of Sensible Shoes.

Good on him for having a song that peaked even at #37.
That's still better than you or I have ever done.

Red Balune (1979)

Red Balune. There's a bunch of Henry Cow connections which should give the savvy listener some expectation of the Avant Garde scratchy artsy damage that will be contained within.

You have been warned.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

A Pair of Records from 1979

I am full of Beef and Broccoli.
My colon surely appreciates the vegetable fiber.
I have a window open.
Life is ok.
Even the previous year's quarantine from whence I am typing.

Hello future.

R.U.R. (1979)

R.U.R. were from Detroit in the state of Michigan.

They took their moniker from a play by Czech author Karel Čapek's 1921 titled "R.U.R." that introduced the word "robot" to the popular lexicon.

They weren't the only band to use the name, but the only one I have a record by.

 It's Rock and Roll like Detroit made Rock and Roll.

I like it and I don't dance to it.

Teenage Lifestyle (1979)

The Penetrators were from Syracuse, NY.

This isn't an original copy. It's a 2011 reissue on Windian Records but it is low fidelity, garage punk rock from the heyday.

So just cram it and jam it.
Jam to it.

There were at least a dozen or more bands that called themselves the Penetrators.
This is one of them.

Dance to it.
I dare you.