Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Loosening Up, Keeping Mum


I was posting on Swinging Singles Club MN when I thought that I should probably toss a couple of things in this pile for the heck of it. I really haven't had much to do with posting here for a while since I set the queue up months and months in advance. But maybe it's the whisky talking because here I am typing away.

Sort of.

1995 - 1st String Teenage High

It's the first single by Tullycraft

It's Twee as fuck.

Deal with it.


1995 - Bailey Park

Another early single by Tullycraft from the first year of their existence.

Still Twee as fuck.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Almost Forgot Compilation Day

  Yeah, I can barely be bothered with shit tonight.

1996 - Glove Puppet 7" comp.

the Discogs page has the info you seek on the contents.

However it must be noted that the Tullycraft song here is in fact a cover of a song "She's Got the Beat" originally recorded by the Judy's in 1981. (Their two albums are deep into future here...)

 A 7" compilation from the Drive-In & Seasons labels which features a side each from two US bands and two Australian outfits. (Discogs link)

Of note is that the Shapiros is yet another outfit featuring Pam Berry who was never part of anything that sucked and Madison Electric who's  song"V-Neck" is a particular favorite.

Enjoy and rock mildly at a volume that won't disturb others.

Friday, June 11, 2021

The Pitts.


I have nothing.


Wimp Factor 14 : A Pittsburgh based indie band

this single is hand painted with an actual run over penny glued to it.


There is no mutilated monetary incentive to purchasing this other single.

Frank Boscoe from this band would reappear as the main dude for Vehicle Flips a couple of years after Wimp Factor 14 calls it a day.


Monday, June 7, 2021

1992 and in the meantime, a nice pair.


I'm drinking a whiskey and full of anxiety while listening to Robin Lane and the Chartbusters (got the 3 disc set of their catalog today in the mail).
It's November 3, 2020 as I type.

Think back to that day and you can understand.

I know 2020 was a terrible shitshow of a year all the way around, but while my wife watches election returns in the other room I can't help but wonder if by the time this posts itself if we are all collectively looking back at 2020 with a warm nostalgia at what an idyllic time it was compared to where we are now.


This band appears to be from Fleet in the County of Hampshire in the UK.
This single was released on Turntable Friend.
That means it's quality.

According to Discogs this appears to be their sole release on vinyl, though as was usual at the time they have multiple songs on various cassette compilations.
Maybe someday some nice person while compile all that stuff for us, 
in the meantime this is some lovely indiepop

On the other side of the Atlantic in Richmond, VA, the Waking Hours were plying their trade with this fine indiepop single on the Brilliant label. This marking their first foray onto vinyl. There seems to be at least a couple or more compact discs that follow.
I'm constantly surprised at the volume of stuff that Richmond and surroundings was producing at this time. Perhaps someone ought to start some scholarly research to bring more indiepop goodness like this to light.

But that could just be the whiskey talking.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Busting Out All Over


It's June.


from Chicago Il
This is another one that if I were ever to get the chance to curate a compilation of indiepop singles from the 90s would feature on the first volume.
That's if I could ever decide which side to use because both sides are fucking awesome.
There's a full length somewhere that I still need to locate.

From Sweden
Yeah, I might throw "Diary and Herself" from this single on Parasol on that same compilation since it makes the cut at 1999.