Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I Just Woke Up

I haven't had my second cup of coffee yet.

Lover Boy (1978)

Gonna keep it real. Going local.

The Jets. Power Pop from the Twin Cities.

It's on Twin Tone.

I really like the flip "Paper Girl"

Enough said.

Climbing Vine (1990)

Liquid Pink were from Milwukee, WI.

It's some swirling psychedelicate pop in that weird zone between pop and the lost era of undefined sounds that was the end of the 80s. It's really a musical gray area.

The flip "Pretty Lizard" is a rousing rocker about an actual lizard. Even reptiles need songs now and again.

One has to wonder how many times they played with Plasticland.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Cauling All Cars.

This actually isn't my rip, but it's good enough that I don't care

There needs to be a full accounting of King Loser full lengths.

Caul of the Outlaw (1996)

The final full length of noise/surf/garage madness by people who may or may not have completely hated one another by this point.

Strong emotions sometimes make for great records.

You be the judge of this one.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

I'm Already Dead

Yet more King Loser.

You Cannot Kill What Does Not Live (1995)

There's a documentary being put together that about the band and their 2016 reunion tour of New Zealand.

Here's a link to a short trailer because the YouTube embedding software for this blog is seriously fucking horseshit. You can type in the exact title of something into the "Search Youtube" for the link and get thirty bullshit links to absolutely nothing related to what you searched for.

Fuck you, YouTube search algorithm.

Just Fuck You.

You Cannot Kill What Does Not Live documentary Trailer

It is likely to be 90 minutes of people calling each other "cunts" in that delightfully antipodean manner of such things. Possibly compelling watching.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

These Speak for Themselves

More King Loser

In bite size 7" pieces

Tie Us Down (1993)

Two sides. 
No waiting.
All King Loser.
A dissection of "Pictures of Matchstick Men"

Shut up and play it.

Stairway to Heaven (1994)


It's not a cover.

It's better. 


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Even the Losers Must Have a King

Ok, we'll continue with New Zealand stuff
because the last post reminded me that this exists.
And it's fucking awesome.

Sonic Super Free Hi-Fi (1993)

A couple years back I posted some singles by Chris Heazlewood.
Later will come the Olla single (which has one of my favorite feedback bursts in recorded history)

But now. It's time for King Loser.

Scuzzy noisy New Zealand garage rock and roll with a huge smear of surf over the top. Always brilliant, never serious. I can listen to this record on just about any given day.

This one is from the vinyl because the label Turbulence never seemed to coordinate vinyl and cd issues to occur simultaneously. It's all the better for a thin veneer of crackle.

This one gets an enthusiastic "Fuck Yeah!"

Monday, April 13, 2020

Killing Capitalism

This seems as good a time as any for this compilation.
It more or less continues from the last few Sandra Bell posts and has yet one more track by her among the multitude other gems

Killing Capitalism with Kindness (1991)

This is a bit of a landmark of New Zealand compilations.

It's well curated, well chosen and represents an undercurrent of music that has always teetered on the edge of being forever lost by not being otherwise released or heard or all that dumb shit.

So much loveliness on this I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Loving ripped from the original vinyl source because the compact disc version wasn't released for almost a year after and I grabbed what I could before it potentially was sucked into the ether.

I regret nothing.

1. Alf Danielson  - Glover
2. George Henderson & Alastair Galbraith  - Macquarie Island
3. David Mitchell & Denise Roughan  - Jewel
4. Nigel Bunn  - Goodbye God Baby Goodbye
5. Trash  - Telecom South
6. Kathy Bull  - Eyes Are The Door
7. Alastair Galbraith  - Iron Tender
8. Trash  - Migraine
9. Norma O'Malley  - Some Tame Gazelle
10. Sandra Bell  - Industrial Night
11. David Merrit  - Frank
12. A Handful Of Dust  - Masonic Inborn (Parts 2 & 3)
13. David Kilgour  - This Chord
14. Onaweta  - Dance Little Children
15. The Organs Of Site - Sluice
16. Stephen Kilroy  - When Planets Align
17. David Mitchell  - Stake
18. Sandra Bell  - Lost Train
19. Richard Steele  - Folk Songs For Michelle
20. This Kind Of Punishment  - Reaching An End

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Free From All Charges or Deductions

Last of my Sandra Bell plus a bonus

Net (1995)

I will admit that I didn't really listen to this very much when I first got it. By the middle of the 90s my brain was drifting away from this sound. Which isn't so much a knock on this compact disc. It's a fine effort. I just don't have much of a memory or sense of it from the time.
Which in itself is nice since I can listen to it now for itself and as it exists now rather than as a contemplation of who or what I was a quarter century ago.

 It's definitely of its time which again isn't bad.
 It's a time capsule of a place and a process.
Which is also not to say that it hasn't aged well.
It sounds as good now as then but sounds are emanating from a sonic past that no longer exists.
It's a ghost record
Let it flow through your mind and haunt your late nights.

Bonus time!

Instress Vol 1 (1995)

I'm just going to throw this split 7" with John Davis (the Folk Implosion) in here so it doesn't end up sitting in the pile for the next decade. You get one more nugget of Sandra Bell and a full side of John Davis plying his lo-fi 90s folk trade.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

A Cup Until Struck

Sandra Bell continues...

Chord (1995)

It would be four years from the previous album before we'd get more stuff from Ms. Bell.
And then it was another brief flurry of releases that started (as I remember it anyway) with this double 7" that was actually recorded in 1993.

There are names on the back of her co-conspirators in this venture. They too are worthy of your google time and record hunting. The tendrils of so many musicians in a small area constantly working together in various combinations gets too much sometimes to try and keep track of.

If you liked the previous post. This will also be up your alley.

Angel (1995)

Later in the year we were blessed with this gem.

I'm running out of things to say.

Lo-fi distorted NZ rock.

This is the good shit.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

If You Liked Last September's Posts

Then have I got some more you may enjoy along the same lines that should knock your socks off presuming you're wearing socks.

I currently am not.
I'm typing this from July 2019 and it's 90F and humid as fuck and sitting around in my underpants listening to the fan.

I just woke up about an hour ago. I'm still on my first coffee and the Red Sox game is blacked out on

So here we are.

Dreams of Falling (1991)

Sandra Bell.

This started life as an Xpressway cassette before being picked up by Belgian label Turbulence for release on formats less inclined to be eaten by their prospective players. (Especially the extra cheap quality tapes that Bruce Russell sprang for. Always one dirty capstan away from disaster. I have a small batch of really rare ones that I need to convert that I just dread playing for that reason.)


Here it is the lo-fi in hi-fi compact disc version.

In this venture she's ably abetted in spots by some of the usual suspects. Peter Gutteridge (Snapper, etc..), Bruce Blucher (Cylops, Trash, BVC etc..), David Mitchell (3Ds, Ghost Club etc...), Alastair Galbraith (the Rip, Plagal Grind, etc...) and watched over all by the one and only Peter Jefferies.

With that cast of characters on an Xpressway cassette there really isn't much need to try and describe the music. It's dark and dreamy and sounds exactly like you would expect if you've ever paid attention to this sort of thing.

Play it on a gloomy day.