Sunday, February 10, 2019

Two Steps Forward and Three Steps Back

So I'm slowly working my way through everything in alphabetical order for the most part. Problem is that I keep getting new stuff. So I try and get the new arrivals caught up to where I was previously and then suddenly I'm back to the beginning and I have shit tons more to do before I can make any  new progress. (But then again, I'm also seven months ahead here and setting this up sometime last summer by the time you see it.)

I wonder if Sisyphus collected records...

Lap Dog Kiss (1993)

Here we are again at 'B' with the Beatnik Filmstars.

Lo-Fi recording. Songs to be found somewhere in the hiss and static.

Revolt into Style (1993)

 These guys pumped out a lot of records in their time on earth. Expect to see more in the future or just pony up some cash and go to their bandcamp page and ensure that they see some of your hard earned for their efforts. Your mother will be proud of you for doing that.

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