Sunday, April 4, 2021

A Pair of Records from 1979

I am full of Beef and Broccoli.
My colon surely appreciates the vegetable fiber.
I have a window open.
Life is ok.
Even the previous year's quarantine from whence I am typing.

Hello future.

R.U.R. (1979)

R.U.R. were from Detroit in the state of Michigan.

They took their moniker from a play by Czech author Karel ńĆapek's 1921 titled "R.U.R." that introduced the word "robot" to the popular lexicon.

They weren't the only band to use the name, but the only one I have a record by.

 It's Rock and Roll like Detroit made Rock and Roll.

I like it and I don't dance to it.

Teenage Lifestyle (1979)

The Penetrators were from Syracuse, NY.

This isn't an original copy. It's a 2011 reissue on Windian Records but it is low fidelity, garage punk rock from the heyday.

So just cram it and jam it.
Jam to it.

There were at least a dozen or more bands that called themselves the Penetrators.
This is one of them.

Dance to it.
I dare you.

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