Sunday, June 13, 2021

Almost Forgot Compilation Day

  Yeah, I can barely be bothered with shit tonight.

1996 - Glove Puppet 7" comp.

the Discogs page has the info you seek on the contents.

However it must be noted that the Tullycraft song here is in fact a cover of a song "She's Got the Beat" originally recorded by the Judy's in 1981. (Their two albums are deep into future here...)

 A 7" compilation from the Drive-In & Seasons labels which features a side each from two US bands and two Australian outfits. (Discogs link)

Of note is that the Shapiros is yet another outfit featuring Pam Berry who was never part of anything that sucked and Madison Electric who's  song"V-Neck" is a particular favorite.

Enjoy and rock mildly at a volume that won't disturb others.

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