Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Noise Noise Noise

 I'm killing some time while rice cooks.

I  may take a shower as well.

I have nothing otherwise.

Radiation (1995)

Michael Morley & Bruce Russell from the Dead C doing their thing.

Your mom wouldn't like it very much unless she's also some kind of pretentious record collector type who listens to noise because it's so much more visceral than than all that bland popular crap you people listen to.

Your mom is a bitch.

Stadium of Light (1998)

More NZ noise stuff

Discogs sez : "Extremely limited unauthorized remix [out of sync, panned stereo] of track 1 from K-Group - K-Group. One side only"

K-Group is the avant garde handle of one Paul Toohey.
The RSW Lundon in question is the owner of the Imperial label.

It's good background sounds for washing dishes.
Use this opportunity to clear out your sink.

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